The NDP wants you to show your support. A Jagmeet Singh petition was shared by his wife Gurkiran Kaur on social media. You can tell the government that you stand with him and against racism by adding your name.

A day after the NDP leader was kicked out of the House of Commons for calling another MP racist, his wife continues to show her support for him on social media.

Kaur shared the "I Stand With Jagmeet Singh" petition started by the NDP on her Instagram story and told people to swipe up to sign it.

With the petition, you can put down your email, postal code and phone number to add your name and tell the government you stand with him.

"The time for words is over," the petition stated. "The thousands of people on the streets in cities across the country and around the world are tired of words."

Since Singh's motion to recognize systemic racism in the RCMP and take concrete action to handle it didn't get unanimous consent, it didn't pass.

So the aim of the petition is to tell the government that people are done listening to words and want to see action.

"The government still has the power to act," the petition stated.

This isn't the only time Kaur has shown support for her husband.

After Singh was kicked out of the House, she took to social media to share a message.

On Instagram, she said what happened was "infuriating and sad" and reflects a deeper problem.

"I am so proud of my husband today for fighting back against racism and calling it out for what it is," Kaur said.

Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet said he wants Singh to apologize or face serious consequences.

When he returned to the House less than 24 hours after being kicked out for calling out racism, another Bloc MP tried to get the House to refuse to recognize him.

Bloc Québécois MP Alain Therrien voted against the original motion about recognizing systemic racism in the RCMP on June 17.

The NDP leader said he turned to see who voted no on that motion and when Therrien saw him turn, the MP voiced his dissent again, made eye contact with Singh and made a dismissive motion with his hand.

After that, the Singh called Therrien racist and when he was asked to apologize he refused.

So, he was kicked out of the House for the rest of the day.

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