It's been a while since Canadians have seen the Prime Minister and his wife in a video together. Justin and Sophie Trudeau teamed up recently for a new, inspiring message. In it, they deliver encouragement and thanks to young people.

The video was posted on Justin Trudeau's Twitter on August 12, with the message, "Today, we celebrate our youth. We celebrate your voices, your actions, and everything you're doing to build a better future - because from fighting climate change to demanding justice and equality, change starts with you. Happy International #YouthDay!"

Sophie and the Prime Minister stand side by side, each delivering part of their message to the young people of Canada (and this time there were no huge bugs).

"Today, we celebrate you," Justin Trudeau says, "your voices, your actions, and everything you're doing to build a better future."

Sophie follows up by saying that the couple knows the world could be a better place, and that young people are "pushing for the changes" that need to be made, before offering thanks.

The PM then gives some shoutouts to protests on climate change, justice, and inequality, before adding that young people have "stepped up" to help out during the pandemic.

"You are all leaders right now, and we need you," Sophie adds, "We need your passion and we need your determination, and we need you to keep pushing for change."

She urges young Canadians to continue using their voices, asking tough questions, and staying engaged.

"The actions you take, whether they're big or small, will shape the future of our country, and our world," Justin says, adding that the creation of new ways to get involved will continue.

Sophie concludes the video with the statement, "So remember, never give up. We trust in you to continue to define our world."

The Prime Minister's Office also released an official statement for World Youth Day, highlighting policies such as the Canada Emergency Student Benefit and the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy.

Trudeau added that he is closely listening to the concerns of young people as presented through his Youth Council.

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