In a new interview, Justin Trudeau spoke candidly about the pro-Trump riots in the United States that resulted in an attack on the Capitol building.

During the discussion, which was shared via Reuters Next on January 14, the PM spoke of a “need for a re-engaged United States in global circles.”

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The democratic principles and the structures around the U.S. electoral process will not be stopped or disrupted by a small, angry mob.

Justin Trudeau

Speaking a week ahead of Biden’s inauguration, the Canadian prime minister explained, “One of the things that a lot of the traditional allies and friends of the United States are looking forward to is a re-engagement on some of the big themes…”

He used examples like trade, climate change, protecting democracy and “coordinating against some of the rise of authoritarianism we're seeing around the world.”

Addressing the violent protests that occurred in the U.S. last week, Trudeau described those involved as a “mob.”

"The democratic principles and the structures around [the U.S.] electoral process will not be stopped or disrupted by a small, angry mob, however disconcerting and alarming that can be," he said.

He’s previously blamed Donald Trump for inciting the violence.

The Canadian leader added that he was confident Americans would "do what is necessary and what is right to keep themselves and their institutions safe long into the future, through this unpredictable moment."

Trudeau intends to meet President-Elect Joe Biden ASAP, with topics like climate change reportedly high on the duo’s agenda.

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