The prime minister knows his viral memes! In a new post on Instagram, Justin Trudeau shared a happy birthday message with his 13-year-old son — and he did it in the best way ever.

On October 18, the PM paid a touching tribute to his teenage son, Xavier James.

Sharing two images of the two of them together, Trudeau used the viral format of "How it started" and "How it's going" to share the festive wish. 

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“This is how it started. Swipe right to see how it’s going,” joked the prime minister.

He continued, “Happy 13th birthday to this guy, who’s opened my eyes to so many things over the years - including memes.”

Trudeau also acknowledged that October 18 was his father’s birthday and confirmed that Pierre Trudeau would have been 101 this year.

“And who I know would’ve gotten a kick out of Xav’s humour,” he said.

He concluded the message to his own father by adding “I miss you always,” in French.

Aww, Justin!

*This article's cover image is for illustrative purposes only.

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