Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a busy guy but this Canada day he has chosen to skip out on the celebrations on Parliament Hill. While he will still make a video appearance, the Prime Minister will be travelling across Canada to celebrate with three different cities.

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Trudeau will be travelling to Leamington in Ontario, Regina in Saskatchewan, and Dawson City in the Yukon Territory. That means the Prime Minister will be travelling over 5,500 kilometres, with three stops in only one day. 

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While we can only imagine every day is Canada Day when you're the Prime Minister, Trudeau's spokesperson said that he wanted to spend the day with Canadians and their families. Particularly, Trudeau wants to visit people in parts of the country he doesn't often get to visit. 

Though that sentiment may be true, two of the three stops will have Trudeau meeting those affected by the looming trade war Canada is facing with America. 

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The visit to Regina will have Trudeau meeting with steelworkers. President Trump has proposed high tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium, which has taken a hard-hit on workers in those areas. 

Trudeau is also visiting with factory workers in Leamington. The factory produces tomato paste which is then used to make French's Ketchup. Tomato products are some of the many items Trudeau has proposed tariffs on in retaliation to Trump. 

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It's no surprise that the Prime Minister will be settling minds this Canada day. After all, July 1 is the first day Canada will be imposing tariffs to the U.S. 

Source: CTV

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