If you happen to watch the film I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House coming to Netflix soon, you'll probably find the set to look very familiar. That's because we are #blessed to have Ottawa as the location for this movie, which will be the first to appear on Netflix.

This is a pretty big deal for Ottawa, considering we've only gotten small roles in movies such as House at the End of the Street and Batman & RobinThis movie was filmed entirely in Eastern Ontario and a warehouse off of Innes Road and St-Laurent Boulevard was the studio for most of the indoor shots. The producer, Rob Menzies, said that they searched endlessly for outside shots of a home, then found the perfect 1800s New England creepy home in Morrisburg, Ontario.

This film, which stars Golden Globe Award-Winning actress Ruth Wilson, is about a nurse that is hired to help an elderly lady, who is a best-seller of ghost novels. The home that she decides to live her last days in holds a frightful ghost story of it's own.

If you're into that whole paranormal activity craze, get ready for a less fake and more genuine ghost story, which the producer said mimics classic Stephen King novels. It was announced the other day that The Toronto International Film Festival would play this film at the notorious event in September, which is huge for us Ottawans.

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