Maybe one day OC Transpo will take our entire paycheque. But until then... 

OC Transpo bus fares will increase again, and probably not for the reason you think. Unfortunately, they need to up the prices to pay for LRT as there is also a huge dip in ridership. The increase will be 2.5-per-cent, which is set to increase every single year. 

These prices will increase faster than wages, and have definitely caused a headache to dedicated riders. The ridership is down because of all the construction, work patterns, and because of Uber competition. Before Uber, people were forced to take the bus or ride a taxi. Now there is a cheaper, faster way to get somewhere. 

With the prices increasing on January 1st, except for the U-Pass increase which will take place in the fall, they may lose even more riders. Ridership went from 103.5 million trips a year in 2011 to 96.5 million trips in 2016, which is a significant amount when trying to build another transportation system. 

OC Transpo is even introducting the new EquiFare, which is for low-income riders. It will cost them $1.75 for a single ride, while the price for a single ride for other riders will increase to $3.50. Here are other prices that will be affected by the new budget: 

  • Adult monthly pass: $113.75 to $116.50
  • Youth monthly pass: $87.75 to $89.75
  • Senior monthly pass: $43.25 to $44.50
  • E-purse single: $3.35 to $3.45

In 2018, OC Transpo plans to buy $50 million worth of new buses. Those buses will replace the old ones, as well as extend some routes far into the suburbs. With the LRT set to be ready by May 2018, it wouldn't be a surprise if they upped the prices before then too. 

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