We all know that this winter has been brutal. No matter where you were in Ontario, it was nearly impossible to escape the heavy snowfall that we received throughout the season. An Ottawa man experienced just how bad this snowfall can get after he became barricaded inside his house all winter after a heavy snowfall. 

Ottawa has received a mass amount of snow this winter. In mid-February, the city was hit by a powerful storm that brought 40 cm of snow into Ottawa within two days. Of course, this was just one of the many storms that the city received throughout the season. Ottawa's winter season has been so bad that it even won the unofficial award for the worst winter in all of Canada this year. 

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During this awful winter, one Ottawa man was unable to leave his house at all after the snow had completely barricaded the entrance of his house. Ottawa Police became aware of this issue just last night when a neighbour of the elderly man called the OPS station concerned about his wellbeing since they had not seen him throughout the entire season. 

When Ottawa Police arrived on the scene, they noticed that the entire accumulation of winter snow was piled up against the door of the resident's home and driveway with no sign of life or track marks. 

Concerned for the well-being of the resident, Ottawa Police called for assistance to clear snow away from the house so they could get through the door. When police finally entered the house, they found a sole elderly man who was still alive. 

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The man admitted that he had been stuck in his house for quite some time since the snow started to fall. He had spent the winter living with what he had available within his pantry. 

After Police heard about the situation, they were quick to shovel snow from the man's driveway and call other city partners to help remove the ice that had accumulated throughout the winter. 

Officers are also bringing him groceries and supplies today, and have contacted city services to ensure that he has the support that he needs and this issue will not arise again. 

*Cover photo is used for illustrative purposes only. 

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