An Ontario man is now facing charges after taking the words ‘drive thru’ to a whole new level on Thursday night. The man, who is believed to be in his 50s, drove a vehicle straight through the front window of an Ottawa burger restaurant, smashing the glass panels and crashing straight into the dining area.

According to a report from Global News, the incident occurred shortly after 8 p.m. on Thursday evening. Police were called to The Works burger restaurant, located near the intersection of Bank and Albion streets in Ottawa’s south end.

Reports suggest that the man, who was in his 50s, smashed the vehicle directly into the burger-bar, going straight through the front window and into the restaurant. Upon crashing the car, the driver attempted to flee from the scene, however passers-by managed to prevent him from escaping until police arrived.

Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt during the incident, although one person did suffer from minor injuries. According to police spokesperson, Constable Amy Gagnon, the person that sustained minor injuries was not a passenger in the car. Gagnon did not confirm whether or not this person had been a guest at the restaurant.

At the time of the incident, one Reddit user took to the internet to share a photo of the restaurant crash, using the caption “New drive thru at the works!”

In response to the image of the smashed window, residents are showing their sense of humour. One person posted, “Lmao the guy inside looking at the car looks so perplexed.” 

Another Reddit user added, “Even has his winters on... Musta been some pretty brutal black ice - Canadian weather man…”

An employee at the burger restaurant even commented on the Reddit post, explaining that he had received a text from his boss on Friday morning telling him he had the day off work! 

The Reddit user joked, “I work at this Works!! Getting a text last night from my boss saying I didn’t have to work today was kinda cool but then he sends me pictures.. honestly had a good laugh but I hope nobody got hurt!”

Gonstable Gagnon confirmed that the driver has since been charged under the Highway Traffic Act for failing to report a collision, as well as failing to have an ignition interlock device on the vehicle he was driving.

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