There are certain things that Canadians have been waiting to do for weeks. Those include getting their hair cut and sitting out on a patio, enjoying the summer sun. Luckily for Jim Watson, Ottawa hair salons and patios are open, so he gets to do both things today.

In a June 12 tweet, the mayor of Canada's capital city shared his schedule for the day.

"My day / interviews: haircut (yea!); staff meeting ; health update; lunch on a patio (yea!) city operations update ; correspondence," he wrote.

It seems like Watson is most excited for those two things. Although it's not like correspondence or a staff meeting are ever the best parts of anyone's day.

As outdoor dining launches today, Ottawa officials have already said there could be permits granted to restaurants in order to let them create larger patio spaces.

That could lead to some great opportunities to finally reunite with your seemingly long lost friends.

The mayor is also taking advantage of the fact that today marks the first time in months that hair salons are allowed to reopen in the city, according to CTV News.

That also includes tattoo parlours, but Watson isn't scheduled to be paying a visit to one of those.

This re-opening news comes as Ottawa residents had previously been warned not to cross the border into Quebec just to get a haircut, as that province's salons were open much earlier.

Watson's tweet marks a milestone in Canada's reopening, particularly in Ontario, where businesses are slowly but surely getting ready to allow their customers back in.

However, the GTA is still lagging behind in reopening due to the higher number of COVID-19 cases in the region.

Across the country, provinces have been applying their own reopening plans, with some like British Columbia, moving further ahead than others.

Even the Eastern provinces are discussing creating an Atlantic bubble that would allow travel between the Maritime provinces and Newfoundland & Labrador.

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