It's official. The capital is the best place to live in Canada. Who would've thought?! 

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From Canada's most boring city to the best place to live, this is quite the turn around. For the second year in a row, MoneySense has kindly ranked Ottawa number 1 out of 400+ cities, towns, and villages. 

According to MoneySense, all major cities seem to have rivalries. Edmonton and Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, but Ottawa is always left out. Maybe that's because there is no comparison. Known as a small but big city, it's also well known as a government city. However, we have one of the most respected tech hubs in Canada, with companies like Shopify and GNX. 

Moving on from the government and business side of things, Ottawa has the lowest unemployment rate at 5%, we have an amazing culture scene and the median income is around $91,000. We're more affordable than other 'big' cities in Canada, and that's admirable. Jim Watson also believes that we have the best chefs in the country, maybe even North America. Hey, if Jim Watson says so, it must be true. 

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Let's be real here. Ottawa is the best mix between nature and city life. About a 20 minute drive is hiking and skiing, where you can get away if you're sick of the city. And be right back here when you want a great cup of coffee. 

Interesting and fun things keep popping up in Ottawa, and that would not have happened 20 years ago. MoneySense believes that people are stuck in that mind frame when it comes to Ottawa, and we have to agree. Now we have solid proof that the city isn't as boring as we always say, and it does have some life to it. 

So next time you go to complain that Ottawa is super boring, remember this. We may be a government city, but we're branching out and people are starting to notice. Sorry, Toronto and Montreal, but Ottawa might become the new hotspot in Canada. I mean, we can always dream. 

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