If you’ve been feeling unusually cold this week, there’s a good reason for that. Over the last couple of days, Ottawa has broken two cold weather records, despite it being mid-May. If that wasn’t bad enough, the capital is expected to smash yet another record on Tuesday night, proving that these frosty spring temperatures are very unseasonal indeed!

You might want to grab an extra blanket before going to bed in the capital region this evening, as Ottawa is expected to shatter yet another cold temperature record.

According to Environment Canada’s weather forecast, city residents should expect lows of -4 C on Tuesday night, which would be a record cold temperature for May 13.

In fact, it hasn’t been nearly this chilly since 1949, when the overnight low was just -1.1 C!

Over the weekend, the Government of Canada issued a frost advisory for areas across Ontario, including in Ottawa. 

Since then, there have been freezing temperatures across the region, which have already broken several cold weather records.

On Tuesday, the temperature dropped to -4.6 C at the Ottawa Airport, smashing the previous record for the same date. It hasn’t been this cold in Ottawa for 80 years, as the previous record of -1.7 C was set way back in 1940. Yikes!

In Petawawa, located in the Ottawa Valley, the May 12 cold weather record was totally obliterated on Tuesday, as the region was almost two times colder than the previous all time low.

With a temperature of -6.3 C on Tuesday morning, it was a lot colder than the previous record of -3.6 C, set back in 2005.

If all of that wasn’t enough, Saturday’s temperature was also extremely unusual, and the -3.3 C low set another new cold record for May 9.

According to Environment Canada, the nasty weather is due to a mass of Arctic air, which is currently stationed over Ottawa and eastern Ontario.

While average high temperatures for mid-May are usually around 19 C, it’s a whole different story right now.

Similar records have also been broken in Toronto this week, as locals have experienced surprisingly uncomfortable conditions. On Monday, snow was even spotted in the 6ix, which is extremely unusual for this time of year!

Last month, Ottawa made headlines for being the coldest capital city in the world, despite it being April.

At -6 C on April 22, Canada’s capital was chillier than Moscow, Helsinki and even Reykjavik! Ouch.

On the plus side, it can only get better from here, right Ottawa?

…  Right?

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