There's no time like the holidays to adopt a pet and shower it with love and affection. The Ottawa Humane Society is hoping to find the city's loneliest cat a loving home this holiday season. If you've always wanted a furry friend and you're in the Ottawa area, look no further than Charlie.

The feline is Ottawa's loneliest cat and has been in the care of the Ottawa Humane Society since June 2018 so this will be his second holiday season there.

The four-year-old black cat is being fostered because even though he's loving and affectionate, he needs time to warm up to people and the shelter environment is too much for him.

Since Charlie is in foster care because he's scared of the shelter, he isn't there to meet potential adopters and keeps getting overlooked.

The Human Society says every animal deserves a loving home but especially Ottawa's loneliest cat. 

"We really want to find Charlie the home he deserves," said Bruce Roney, president and CEO of the Ottawa Humane Society, in a post about the cat.

This furry friend has been featured on TV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and his picture has been shared at the shelter in attempts to find him that forever home.

Charlie is a domestic shorthair cat meaning he has mixed ancestry and a coat of short fur.

Like all male pets adopted from the Ottawa Humane Society, he's been neutered.

Because he's so shy, if Charlie is going to be adopted it has to be from someone with a quiet and calm household where he's the only pet.

"I hope someone will take a chance on Charlie. I took a chance on a super shy cat, who I didn't even get to meet because he was hiding at the foster's house, and he's turned out to be such a sweetheart. They always come around and show their love," Sara Dbk commented on the Ottawa Humane Society Facebook post about Charlie.

As of December 19, this lonely feline has his adoption pending which means someone has requested to put a hold on him to make sure he isn't adopted before they can come to meet him.

This could mean he'll get adopted but Will Wuehr, manager of communications with the Ottawa Humane Society told Narcity that Charlie has had his adoption pending many times over the last year and a half and he still hasn't actually been adopted.

Charlie's adoption fee would be $195 and there's a $25 deposit.

Even if you can't adopt Charlie and end his loneliness, consider adopting another animal if you're looking to get a pet.

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