Well Toronto... looks like we've beat you. Ottawa is going to have the longest escalator in all of Canada. Toronto used to have the longest escalator in the nation, but now Ottawa does. So not only do we have the world's largest escape room and stay close to Canada's largest waterpark, we also have the longest escalator!

The escalator is nearly completely built for Ottawa's light rail transit line. The escalator will have 181 steps which is 33 more steps that the escalator at Toronto's York Mills subway station. Sure this sounds ridiculous but hey, in all of Canada?! That's a pretty big deal.

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This long escalator is at the LRT's Rideau Station. It will be about 35.3 metres long and will rise 15.8 metres! Rideau Station is the deepest station in the tunnel and the escalator will be moving Ottawans between the concourse level and the surface at Rideau Street and Sussex Drive. Having this single escalator take us all up and down to the tunnel seems pretty crazy, but major Jim Watson wants assurances that the escalators at surface-level stations won't stop during Ottawa's brutal winters. 

Builders say that the escalators are covered from the elements and will be consistently maintained. They will need high attention and the Rideau Transit Group promises they will do so. Worst case scenario, the escalators stop working, there is a stairwell to use. 

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Some Ottawans are proud of this and others are terrified of the day that it breaks down. No Matter what you think, there's no doubt that we're all pretty excited to see and try out Ottawa's LRT set to open later this year. For more information about the LRT, be sure to check out their website here

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