If you're a driver in Canada's capital, here's something you should know. You may be set to see a rise in on-street Ottawa parking rates next year. Prices could increase by more than 30 percent in some cases, so you might need to carry a little extra cash on you from now on. 

A report filed to the City of Ottawa's Transporation committee recommends raising hourly on-street parking rates by between 50 cents and a dollar. This could take the cost of leaving your vehicle around the capital from $3 per hour to $4.

This change will bring in an extra $1.1 million in revenue for the city, according to CTV News.

But don't worry, if paying for parking is an issue, the city of Ottawa shows the many ways you can pay for your parking without having to stress. This price increase looks set to only affect those who park on the street for now. There are several other locations where you'll be able to find a spot in Ottawa.

You can also find where the on-street parking spots are across the city here.

The report recommends also changing where the city's parking meters are placed. This throws back to an April 2017 recommendation, which ultimately was rejected, for parking meters to be installed in the currently free-parking areas of Wellington West and Westboro.

According to CTV News, the report will be presented to the transportation committee on October 2. If the committee ends up approving this change, the final decision would essentially land in the hands of Ottawa City Council.

Graham Richardson of CTV reports the city is moving to a "demand-driven" pricing model. This means that in areas that have a higher demand for parking, the price is set to be a little steeper. 


According to former MPP for Ottawa West, Alex Cullen, this is the first time in a decade that parking rates will have increased in the capital, so it could be argued it's about time. Not like Toronto, which hikes its costs somewhat more frequently.

You still have a bit more time before the rates change, though!

Make the most of the rest of the year, because you can expect to see this new pricing start to take effect on January 1, 2020.

Narcity has reached out to the City of Ottawa.

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