Ottawa Police have just reached out through Twitter, warning citizens of numerous bomb threats that have been made around the city this afternoon. These threats have been received from over ten separate businesses and individuals within the Ottawa Area.

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The Ottawa Police have received multiple calls relating to similar cases about bomb threats which were received via an e-mail where the unknown sender is demanding a bitcoin payment. Police have arrived on multiple scenes to investigate these threats.

So far, all threats that have been investigated are deemed “unfounded” by the Ottawa Police, but investigations are still underway.

Ottawa Police are warning citizens that if they receive an e-mail similar to the ones above, to report the incident with the Ottawa Police either online or to call 613-236-1222 ect. 7300. They are advising that under no circumstance should any recipient of these e-mails respond to the bitcoin demand that the sender is asking for.

However, Ottawa does not seem to be the only city receiving these bomb threat e-mails, as the NYPD in New York has also issued a press release about similar e-mails, stating “Please be advised- there is an email being circulated containing a bomb threat asking for bitcoin payment. While this e-mail has been sent to numerous location, searches have been conducted and no devices have been found,”

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