We all have embarrassing moments when we mistake something harmless for something else. However, it seems that police were in for a relieving surprise after they responded to a mistaken child in distress call. After some investigation, Ottawa Police Services were quick to find that the call actually had nothing to do with an endangered child. 

According to Ottawa police, officers responding to a call of a distressed child were relived and shocked when they found the real source behind the cries for help. A goat with its head trapped in a fence.

Yes, you read that right. A goat got its head stuck and started screaming for help, and if you've never looked up goats screaming on YouTube, you can hear that they sound pretty childlike. 

When a residence heard the screams, they were quick to call police services for help. 

"Officers searched in the dark but didn't hear anything, nor did they find a child in distress. They went to check with neighbouring houses and at one residence, spoke with a woman who could account for all three of her children. Her husband came in while police were there and reported his goat had been screaming earlier," a police news release stated.

"When he checked, he found the animal with its head stuck in the fence. The farmer said the sound could be mistaken for a child screaming. He led the officers to the area, and sure enough, it was precisely where the complainant reported the sound coming from," it added.

Thankfully, the goat was freed, and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief.


Police then made light of the situation by tweeting, "Four-legged kid has baaaad day."

However, despite the farce, police are still cautioning residents to report any suspicious activity immediately, so that they can respond to the matter.

A similar situation involving a trapped animal took place earlier this year.

Back in November, the Oakville Humane Society was made aware of a coyote that managed to get its head stuck in a large plastic container.

Thankfully, Animal Protective Services was able to remove the item successfully.

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