Everyone loves a good proposal, especially when it's so romantic that it has you reaching for a box of tissues. Earlier this week, one Canadian man went the extra mile to make his best friends proposal the ultimate romantic experience and we honestly can't get enough of it. In a video that has gone viral over the past week, one Canadian man was captured chucking rose petals at the happy couple, showing what best friend goals are truly made of. The internet has since deemed him as the official 'petal thrower' of proposals. 

In the video, that now has over 13 million views, Wael Mansour, also known as the petal thrower, can be seen really going to extra mile to ensure that his friend's proposal goes exactly as planned. As Kristina Hanna descends down the staircase of Chateau Laurier in Ottawa to meet her future fiance, Charbel Abillama, hundreds of rose petals get thrown in her direction throughout the video. 

Mansour can be seen in the background of the video, hunched in a corner, throwing as many petals as he can at the couple to ensure that the proposal is as romantic as it can get. As Canadians continue to watch Mansour relentlessly throw the floating red objects for a solid minute, we all start to wonder where we can get a friend like him. 

However, as perfect as the proposal looked on the video, it turns out everything didn't really go as planned. In an interview with Narcity, Mansour states that the idea to throw petals at the couple was a last-minute idea. 

Originally, the proposal, which took almost four months to plan, was supposed to take place on the staircase of the Chateau Laurier. However, as they started to set up the grand gesture, they were told they had to relocate by security. 

Mansour states, "We originally planned on having the proposal on the huge staircase shown in the video. However, security had a little bit of a different plan for us and we were not permitted to set up. We scrambled and set up nearby. The petal throwing was a last-minute thing that came out of the blue!"

So after four months of planning was spoiled by one security guard who doesn't seem to believe in romantic gestures, the duo was quick to come up with some other ideas. Including the petal throwing. 

However, Abillama told Narcity that even though his friend suggested the petal throwing, he wasn't really aware of it until after the proposal.

Abillama revealed that "I personally remember him telling me not long before she got there of his plans but I was so focused on what I was going to say and how nervous I was that the crowd had like 60 people watching that I truly don’t even remember him throwing them in the moment!"

However, this wasn't the only issue that the pair faced while trying to plan the perfect proposal. Abillama revealed to Narcity that they actually had a few hiccups along the way. 

Firstly, Mansour messed up the order on the rose petals. Abillama states, "Wael screwed up the order of the rose petals. We first told him to order 5 bags of red petals. He got 1 bag of red and 4 other ones all different colours, so we sat there picking through them. Yes, that took a lot of time!"

Abillama also planned on having big gold balloons that said "Marry Me" on-site when he made his proposal. However, as they were setting up, the 'E' balloon ended up blowing away and he was forced to only propose with the "Marry" ballons. 

Yet, despite the hiccups, the proposal turned out to be amazing and has over 13 million people worldwide admiring how romantic the gesture truly was. 

Of course, Mansour truly added his special touch with the petal throwing, and honestly, it's best friend goals. 



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