Are you looking for ways to keep yourself safe during this pandemic? Even though this one food item has plenty of health benefits, it won't help you not get infected. Ottawa Public Health warns that garlic won't protect you from COVID-19 despite its health properties. So you don't absolutely need to pick some up the next time you go out for groceries.

Ottawa Public Health has some suggestions for Canadians about grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Besides giving advice about how to stay safe at the store and how to budget, there are also suggestions about what to buy, and some of the things that get asked about most.

In a tweet about one of their weirder frequently asked questions when it comes to food, nutrition, and the virus, the organization had a little bit of fun with its recommendations.

"While garlic has many antimicrobial properties and is part of a healthy diet, there is no evidence that it will help protect you from COVID-19," the organization said.

However, garlic may be useful in helping you out with something else.

"Vampires, maybe. COVID-19, no," Ottawa Public Health said.

Eating garlic won't help you not get infected but having it around could ward off bloodsucking mythological creatures.

So, there's that! 

Other frequently asked questions about food and COVID-19 include stuff like what precautions to take when getting takeout or delivery, how long the virus lasts on surfaces and how to boost your immune system.

Another odd one like the garlic question is, "does drinking alcohol protect me against COVID-19?"

To that, Ottawa Public Health said that drinking alcohol excessively or frequently can give you an increased risk of developing health problems.

Back on Twitter, in keeping with the fun and light tone of Ottawa Public Health's tweet, others responded with their own quips about food.

"If you consume sufficient garlic, it can encourage physical distancing," one person said.

Another said, "repelling vampires is a good idea though."

This isn't the first time that Ottawa Public Health's Twitter has used humour to talk about serious situations.

Back in March, the organization shared a checklist to help people prepare for COVID-19.

"Please note: absolutely nowhere on the list does it say you need 671 rolls of toilet paper," the tweet said.

Also, in October 2019, Ottawa Public Health took a shot at pineapple on pizza in a tweet about flu season and said it won't protect you.

In the nation's capital, you can walk, run, or ride a bike through parks — but you can no longer hang around, use any equipment, or even sit on a bench for a chat. 

The city has put these measures in place to promote physical distancing and stop the spread of the virus.

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