Just over one week into the new year, Ottawa's latest shooting has left one person dead and three people injured. With the number of Ottawa shootings in 2020 higher than it was this same time last year, the city's police chief has promised that something will be done about gun violence.

In a series of tweets sent out on January 8, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly addressed the fact that something needed to be done about all of the gun crime in the city, but that a quick solution would not be the right answer.

"Including today's tragic events on Gilmour, 6 people have been shot including one fatally in the first week of 2020. I am grateful for the efforts of @OttawaPolice members, all emergency services providers and our community partners to prevent and respond to these crimes," Sloly wrote in his first tweet.

This statement addressed the number of shootings that have already taken place, including two that occurred on New Year's Day.

The most recent incident he referred to on Gilmour, took place on the morning of January 8.

It left one victim, identified as 18-year-old Manyok Akol, dead.

Three others were seriously injured, including a 15-year-old boy who is now in stable condition. The suspect has still not been found by police.

"Street violence and firearms crimes in this and all cities are complex issues that will not be addressed by quick fix reactionary activities," Sloly continued in his Twitter thread.  

Sloly concluded the series of statements writing, "In the next week we will be announcing an enhanced overall strategy to better address street violence in the short term and will include longer term elements to better address related crime, social disorder, community safety and well-being issues."

Along with the shootings that have taken place in Ottawa this month, there have also been three instances where a firearm was seized by police, and people were charged with gun-related crimes.

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