On Friday night, Ottawa and Gatineau were hit by two extremely strong tornados. Crews are still out in the area trying to evaluate the damage that's been done across the region. Powerlines have been torn out of the ground, cars have been destroyed, and homes have been ripped apart.

Just a few days ago, we reported that southwestern Ontario was told to stay alert for Tornado warnings. The Weather Network expected the area to be hit by strong winds and potentially a tornado this weekend due to the humidity in the area.

Canadians were expected strong winds up to 90 km/h, hail and potentially a tornado. On Friday, Environment Canada issued several weather alerts throughout eastern and central Canada. 

On Friday night, areas of Ottawa and Gatineau were struck after two tornados hit the area. The storms were reportedly an EF-3 level tornados according to Rachel Schoutsen of The Weather Network. Tens of thousands of Canadas were without power over the weekend, some anticipate that they'll be without power until Monday, if not longer. 

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While some areas were restored with power, according to CBC News, by Saturday afternoon, there were still almost 100,000 people in Ottawa without power. In Quebec, there was still over 14,000 without power on Saturday evening. 

The tornado that hit Ottawa was reportedly packing winds up to 291km/hr. This is one of the, if not the most devastating natural history to hit the city in decades. 

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