Canada's capital has already had a tough winter, but it looks like tonight is going to push the season to another extreme. The latest Ottawa weather forecast is predicting low overnight temperatures. It will be so cold that it can lead to frostbite in minutes.

At 12:11 PM, Ottawa Public Health issued a warning on Twitter, writing, "We are issuing a #FrostbiteAdvisory effective this evening & continuing until further notice. Temps will fall quickly this aft & windchill temps will be close to -30C overnight & into tomorrow morning. Please dress accordingly."

The tweet included a link to the public health agency's page about the effects of frostbite and what symptoms to look for. These include pink skin, pain, white patches, and numbness.

This is the third time in less than 30 days that the city's residents have been at risk of their skin freezing. A previous advisory was issued in December when temperatures dropped to -29 C with the wind chill.

Just this month, the city was warned again about the winter hazard when the January 8 temperature hit -28 C with the wind chill.

Now, the Environment Canada weather forecast for Ottawa is calling for temperatures to drop to - 18 C this evening and even further to -21 C overnight. With the windchill, the overnight temperature will feel like - 29 C. 

Environment Canada's forecast is also predicting low temperatures for Friday night which could reach -19 C overnight.

Morning temperatures could still be as low as -28 C.

Saturday will provide a relative break from the cold snaps, as it is predicted to reach overnight lows of -12 C accompanied by periods of snow.

The relief will be shortlived, however, as overnight temperatures for Sunday and Monday are expected to dip to -19 C and -23 C, respectively.

During these periods of intense cold, it's important to stay as bundled up as possible if you're spending any time outdoors. If you have pets, you also need to make sure that they are kept warm as well.

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