Looks like one city in Canada is time travelling back to summery days with Ottawa seeing some super warm weather on the rise, according to Environment Canada.

Canada's capital is in for a real treat this morning that is no trick with 21 C weather, which is abnormal with Halloween just nine days away.

It will feel more like 26 with the humidex.

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21 C

Weather in Ottawa today

Take in every ray of sunshine while you can! It won't hold out for too long as the following days will drop back to normal chilly temperatures. 

There is a chance of showers starting close to midnight and also a risk of thunderstorm following close behind.

Per the weather network, the wind will move at 20km/h gusting to 40 this afternoon.

Later tonight, Ottawa residents can expect an increase of cloudiness with winds moving southwest at 20km/h with wind gust at 40 as well.

This weather is in stark contrast with the weather that is expected to hit Ontario regions come winter.

This is because Ontario will likely be dealing with the biggest piles of snow in the winter and also see some of the chilliest temperatures. 

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