Mud Lake visitors will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. The National Capital Commission (NCC) has finally managed to capture Ottawa’s black bear, and he’s been moved to a much more suitable home. Even better, the NCC captured the sweet moment the bear was released on video!

After evading capture for several days, Ottawa’s mysterious black bear has finally been moved to a much safer habitat.

The NCC tweeted on Thursday to let locals know that the black bear, who had been hanging out at Mud Lake, had been safely captured.

In a series of follow-up posts, they revealed that the animal had also been successfully relocated.

A spokesperson for the NCC told Narcity that conservation officers took the young bear to White Lake, west of Ottawa. 

Although they’re unsure exactly where the animal came from, they were able to confirm that he is “healthy” and has been tagged by the NCC.

In a video shared on social media, the little bear can be seen being released from his cage, before he runs off to explore his new home and surroundings. 

"Mission accomplished," wrote the NCC while sharing the adorable clip.

It’s a happy ending for the Mud Lake bear, after he managed to evade capture from the NCC for several days.

The corporation told Narcity that they first received reports about the animal on June 30. After realizing the bear was lingering in the area, they decided to take action to relocate the bear on July 7.

He managed to escape from at least one bear cage earlier this week, before eventually being caught on July 9.


Black bears are pretty uncommon in Ottawa, and this one had caught several nature-enthusiasts and bird-watchers by surprise.

The Mud Lake area is popular with hikers, and several people reported seeing the bear on walking trails in the area.

One person wrote on Facebook, “I turned a corner and came face to face with the bear, just 10 feet away, and it was startled, it began to follow me ... I had no idea how massive and tall a "small" bear was.”

Back in May, another black bear stunned Ottawa locals when it was spotted strolling through a local park and ride.

While bear sightings are certainly not common in O-Town, it's worth remembering that you never know what's hanging around the city!

Maybe it's time to stock-up on bear spray, eh?

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