Thousands of Ottawa residents are proving that they’re super serious about regaining access to their cottages. A petition urging the Quebec government to allow Ottawa-area residents to visit their cottages is now active online, and it’s already got thousands of signatures. In fact, the Ottawa cottage petition's numbers are growing every minute!

A new appeal has appeared on the petition website, which is asking the Quebec government to consider allowing Ottawans to visit their cottages in the Outaouais region.

Over the last few weeks, there have been restrictions in place along the Ottawa-Gatineau border, due to concerns about the transmission of COVID-19.

While the Quebec government has recently eased travel restrictions in some parts of the province, the city of Gatineau is still blocked to non-essential travel.

This, alongside repeated warnings from Doug Ford, is preventing Ottawans with cottages from visiting their second homes.

“The current social distancing restrictions are well-founded and have proven to be effective in the prevention of the spread of covid-19,” the petition begins.

“However, the continued ban of interprovincial travel from Ontario into Quebec along the Ottawa-Gatineau interprovincial bridges places undue restriction limiting individuals in Ottawa from accessing recreational properties in the Outaouais area north of Ottawa,” the statement continues.

The notice argues that cottage owners are at “great risk” due to their inability to check-in on their properties, which leaves them vulnerable to theft and damage.

“This petition requests the inclusion of flow to recreational properties in the Outaouais that are owned by residents in the Ottawa-area,” the statement concludes.

At the time of writing, the petition had a whopping 2,810 signatures, and that number was steadily increasing every minute.

The petition was launched just days after Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin announced that he’s not willing to take any chances just so people could visit their cottages.

Speaking last week, Pedneaud-Jobin explained, “Ottawa is a hot zone, we’re a cold zone and we have to protect ourselves."

"So as long as it’s needed, I’m going to defend that decision by the Quebec Government," he added.

The mayor suggested that the border should stay closed to all non-essential travel until it’s “not necessary anymore,” regardless of how that impacts cottage season.

The weekend before last, 20,000 vehicles were stopped at the Ottawa-Gatineau border by Quebec police.

Of these, 1,700 were turned away and weren't allowed to cross as planned.

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