If you need to grab groceries or alcohol in Ottawa this weekend, be prepared to wait in line. As store opening hours have been reduced, and social distancing measures have been implemented, lines outside some of Ottawa's grocery and alcohol stores have become pretty huge. In some cases, people have been waiting over an hour to pick-up essential supplies.

It’s probably been a very busy weekend for Ottawa’s frontline staff, as the latest social distancing protocols have had customers lining up outside to pick-up essential stock like groceries, alcohol and home supplies.

As COVID-19 prevention measures continue to be implemented in all of Ontario’s essential stores, the queues outside are becoming longer and longer.

In fact, outside businesses that are considered essential, such as Loblaws, Walmart, LCBO, Dollarama and The Beer Store, people have spent their whole afternoon trying to collect supplies.

Speaking to Narcity on Saturday, one Walmart shopper confirmed they had been waiting in line for over an hour. 

"It's been a long wait, I only wanted milk and bread," they explained on Saturday afternoon.

Similar lines could also be seen at Costco, Loblaws and the LCBO.

"I wanted to pick up some beers and wine too, but I'm just going to go home," the shopper added.

While the queues outside Ottawa’s grocery stores were all considerably large, it was the LCBO that seemed to have the biggest lines.

At several locations across the city, locals could be seen waiting in long stretches around the buildings, many desperately trying to stand two metres apart.

Similar scenes have been spotted across Ontario, as some shoppers in Toronto waited for longer than 40 minutes to get inside the alcohol retailer.

The lengthy, outdoor lines are the result of increased social distancing efforts in stores, as locations are now limiting the number of shoppers that can be in store at any given time.

This, combined with recently reduced opening hours, is creating busier shopping experiences, and longer lines for those looking to stock-up on essential supplies.

Despite the inconvenience of lining up around the block, the Ontario Government has stressed the importance of proper social distancing.

On Friday, the CEO of Public Health Ontario revealed that the effects of COVID-19 could last up to two years if we fail to take adequate precautions. 

If you need to pick up supplies this weekend, be prepared to wait a little longer than usual.

If you’re not prepared to wait over an hour to pick it up, you probably don’t need it!

Stay safe, Ottawa.


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