Ottawans were treated to a free sound and light show on Sunday night! Just after 6 p.m., Environment Canada issued two severe storm warnings for the region, explaining that heavy rain and winds were coming. By 7 p.m., Ottawa's huge storm was underway, but it was the post-storm sky that was the most impressive.

After several thunderstorm warnings last week, the National Capital Region was finally treated to a grand spectacle on Sunday, June 28.

Shortly after Environment Canada issued two severe storm warnings for the area, locals experienced an extremely heavy downpour, followed by roaring thunder and angry lightning.

While the storm was an impressive sound and light show, it was the post-storm evening skies that really turned heads on Sunday.

In the hour-or-so that followed the chaos, the sky turned all shades of pink, orange and purple. There was even a double rainbow to close the show!

Locals quickly took to social media to share photos and videos of the wild storm and the dreamy sunset, with many drawing attention to the surprisingly beautiful post-chaos skies.

One Ottawa local shared a video of the extremely heavy rain, writing, "[It's] pouring buckets and some hail here in Orleans."

While Ottawans had been pre-warned about the storm, nobody was expecting the stunning skies that followed the mayhem.

The city became surrounded with shades of purple, orange and pink, and some lucky locals even spotted a double rainbow.

Sharing a picture of the dreamy scene, one person tweeted, "The sky is beautiful (and strange) right now in #Ottawa."

The up-and-down weather looks like it’s going to be sticking around for a while in the capital, as there remains a risk of rain and thunderstorms into Monday.

Forecasts predict a bit-of-everything into Tuesday and Wednesday, with high temperatures, showers, sun and clouds expected.


After some unusually high temperatures in June, it remains to be seen what July has in store for Ottawa.

If this month’s weather is anything to go by, we could be in for a wild ride!

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