It was a slow start to the morning for commuting Ottawans as the city’s LRT system is having serious problems yet again. For the second day in a row, Ottawa’s LRT train shortage is causing chaos as a number of services have been cancelled, delayed and re-routed. With only nine working trains for the peak morning hours, the capital city's commuters say they've had enough of the new transit system.

The shortage of working trains continues to cause significant disruption on the city’s Confederation Line, after initially causing problems at rush hour on Monday.

On Tuesday, OC Transpo confirmed that there would only be nine working vehicles servicing the morning peak, and they would be running every six minutes, rather than every three minutes.

According to reports, there were only eight of them in-action at certain times during the busiest morning hours.

The lack of trains on Monday and Tuesday is due to an unusually high number of broken and damaged vehicles, which is "a main contributor to the inability to have 13 trains at peak period right now."

In a statement to Narcity, General Manager of the Transportation Services Department John Manconi explained, “The City continues to hold Rideau Transit Group (RTG) and Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM) to account for ongoing O-Train Line 1 maintenance issues.

“City staff are in regular communication with RTG and RTM to put pressure on them to get the job done and to live up to the standards expected by our transit customers,” the statement concluded.

While the city added a number of “special buses” to reduce crowd sizes and delays, commuters took to social media to complain about the mayhem this latest shortage had caused.

For Ottawa’s commuters, the city’s attempts to offset the delays and disruption is too little, too late.

Since the new transit system was launched in September, there have been constant problems with the service.

With morning delays, serious overcrowding and persistent operating malfunctions from the outset, Ottawans say they are frustrated with it. 

The LRT became so bad that even the city’s mayor dragged the service on Twitter, and a support group had to be set up for anxious and overwhelmed locals using the service.

Taking to Twitter to share their frustration, one city resident wrote, “I haven't seen this many cars on the road since September. It's truly insane.”

While another added, “Seriously, there needs to be an emergency meeting with senior city management pronto.”

A third explained, “My daily commute to and from the office shouldn’t be a constant source of stress and worry.”

Another simply asked, “At what point does the city admit it failed with #OttawaLRT ?”

After several days of delays and replacement services, the Transit Commission Chair has called a special Transit Commission meeting, to be held on Thursday.

"We expect them to take appropriate measures to reduce the occurrence of issues [...] so that we may provide reliable and safe transit services to all customers,” John Manconi told Narcity.

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