Ottawa's LRT has been, to put it gently, not doing very well. The new rail system has created chaos during the morning commute, and has left plenty of Ottawans feeling frustrated at the flawed rollout. Ottawa's transit problems don't appear to be going anywhere soon, and a morning tweet from the city's mayor seemed to just make people angrier.

In a November 6 tweet sent out at 7:08 p.m., mayor Jim Watson posted a photo from the number 11 bus, mostly just showing his legs, along with the message, "Got my favourite seat on the #11 today! #legroom!"

It read like a rather chipper tweet considering just how badly the Ottawa LRT has been running. Recently, customers on line 1 had to endure delays that lasted over 20 minutes. Ottawa's commuter community has already been expressing frustration with the new system and just how overcrowded it can get due to those delays.

The situation has gotten so bad that it even spawned a great meme of one man just looking utterly lost and confused in all the LRT chaos. The city even set up a distress hotline for commuters who are having a hard time dealing with the overcrowding and delays taking place at each station.


Mayor Watson's tweet was not met with kind replies. A number of Ottawans who have had the exact opposite experience began replying to air their grievances with the city's suffering transit system.

"Oh cool story, Jim. Now if you could just have the 18 show up at all that'd be amazing and then I could be just like you! Instead, I'm sitting in an Uber. But still super glad your commute to work wasn't riddled with stress and frustration like the other 95% of transit riders! 👍🏻" wrote @Rain71939605.

Twitter user @EPOtt87 wrote, "This has to be the most indecent, most insensitive mayoral tweet @JimWatsonOttawa. We had favourite seats too once on buses that no longer run today because now we are all either waiting for something to show up or packed like sardines at stations, on trains and buses."


It remains to be seen if the transit situation in Ottawa will be resolved any time soon, but it's clear that people are not afraid to vent their frustrations online.

Disclaimer: Cover photo on the right used for illustrative purposes only.

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