After several parts of Canada experienced unseasonably early and heavy snowfall at the beginning of this month, it’s starting to look like it might be Ottawa’s turn for an early flurry. For the first time since the end of April, Ottawa’s overnight weather forecast actually mentions October snow, and we’re absolutely not ready for it!

For the first time since spring, Ottawa’s weather forecast actually features the word “snow,” and it could even arrive before the weekend! According to the latest weather report from Environment Canada, there’s a 30% chance of showers and snow flurries overnight, with low temperatures of 0 degrees celsius in the Ottawa, Maniwaki and Cornwall areas.

Unlike other parts of the country, who have seen unseasonably early and heavy snowfall, the last time Ottawa had snow was April 27, when there was a light snowfall around the airport. Since then, Ottawa has had a warm and sunny summer, and a pretty comfortable start to the fall season.

However, it’s going to be a pretty harsh introduction to the cold season over the next week or so in Ottawa, as temperatures drop below 1 degree on Friday night. While Kingston and Pembroke are probably safe from any snow this weekend, it’s going to be a rainy Sunday for most of the city, with between 25 and 35mm of rainfall expected.

Thankfully, if the snow fails to make an appearance on Friday night, the rest of the weekend is forecast to be snow-free. The cold weather is expected to improve by Saturday morning, with highs of 10 degrees on Saturday. 

That said, if you’ve got things to be doing, get them done before Saturday evening rolls around. Showers are expected to begin on Saturday evening, with the worst of the weekend’s rainfall coming throughout the day on Sunday.

Just as Ottawa is looking at potential overnight snow this weekend, the City of Ottawa have confirmed they’ll be improving their snow removal plan this year, after last year’s vicious freeze-thaw cycle caused havoc for pedestrians and public transport.

Stephen Blais, chair of the Transportation Committee tweeted early on Friday that the city has a new goal of “24/7 coverage available on all sidewalk beats”.

If the chance of snowfall on Friday night hasn’t got you feeling like Canadian winter is truly coming, a section of Colonel By Drive will be closed on Saturday so crews can install the skate rental trainer for the Rideau Canal skateway.

Grab your hot water bottle and your gloves Ottawa, winter is officially on its way!

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