Things are getting heated in Ottawa! One Conservative MP proved just how frustrated he is with the prime minister — by dramatically tossing pieces of paper around during a press conference. Pierre Poilievre used the opportunity to drag Justin Trudeau and accused him of orchestrating a “coverup.”

During a media conference on August 19, Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre aired his frustrations with Justin Trudeau, and it seems the two are far from BFFs.

Discussing the PM’s decision to prorogue Parliament, and how this would affect the investigation into the WE Charity scandal, Poilievre accused Trudeau of masterminding a “coverup.”

During his speech, the Conservative MP took out several documents shared by the government as part of the investigation. 

Showing reporters that many of the papers had been heavily redacted, Poilievre stated, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a coverup.”

To express his disappointment with the sealed documents, the MP dramatically started tossing multiple pieces of paper to the ground. 

Throwing the notes around, Poilievre repeated "This page? Blacked out! This page? Blacked out!"


"It's clear Justin Trudeau has something to hide," the Conservative MP said on Wednesday.

"He does not want Canadians to know what's in these documents, and that's why he shut down this parliamentary investigation."

Poilievre has been vocal in his criticism of the prime minister, calling for him to be fired on multiple occasions.

The MP’s condemnation has stepped-up a notch over the past 24 hours, following Trudeau's announcement that Parliament would be called-off until the end of September.

This means that the committees investigating the WE Charity controversy will be forced to take a break, a decision Poilievre describes as “an unprecedented cover-up.”

Poilievre started mentioning the alleged coverup in a tweet about the prorogation on August 18.

In an unrelated tweet the next day, the PM confirmed that CERB payments would not be impacted during the break.

While Trudeau has not responded to Poilievre's comments, we can be fairly sure these two won't be hanging out during the Parliamentary break!

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