A terrifying incident occurred on Montreal Road earlier this month. In a statement on Tuesday, Ottawa Police revealed that a frontline police officer was dragged for 500 metres by a car, after stopping a driver for traffic offenses. The officer has suffered serious injuries.

In a statement shared on May 26, the Ottawa Police East Criminal Investigations Unit revealed that a man is facing several charges, following an incident on May 14.

According to local police, at 11:55 pm a frontline police officer attempted to stop a vehicle on Montreal Road, due to a Highway Traffic Offense. 

As the officer attempted to speak with the driver, the suspect started the car, and began dragging the officer along the road at “a high rate of speed.”

This continued for 500 metres, before the official was eventually “thrown off the vehicle.”

Rather than stopping the car, the suspect then “drove away at a high rate of speed.”

While the officer escaped with his life, he has suffered serious injuries as a result of the incident.

On Tuesday, a 36-year-old man was charged with a number of crimes, including assaulting a Peace Officer with a weapon and assault on a Peace Officer causing bodily harm.

As well as assault charges, the man faces charges of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm, obstruction of justice and unlawful possession of a substance.

In addition to the episode on May 14, police also discovered that the driver had been involved in another incident on March 18, when a vehicle was crashed into a park bench and then abandoned.

The man was arrested on May 25.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ottawa police have reported an unusually high number of traffic offenses. In particular, incidences of excessive speeding, stunt driving and dangerous driving.

In fact, in just 25 days, Ottawa Police issued a whopping 822 driving tickets, and impounded as many as 36 vehicles.

Similar statistics have been seen across the province of Ontario, with local authorities reporting elevated numbers of serious traffic violations.


The 36-year-old man also faces charges of public mischief, in relation to the incident on March 18.

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