No matter how long you've lived in Ottawa, you know what PoutineFest is. It should be a holiday for everyone in Ottawa, because that's how important it is.

PoutineFest has been going on for years now, and it's so huge that they block off 3 blocks along Sparks Street from Bank St to Elgin St just to serve poutine. I mean, that's Canadian goals right there.

Admission to the Sparks Street PoutineFest is completely free, and you just buy what you want at the food stands. From April 27th to April 30th, 17 food vendors will be serving unreal poutine that you'll think about for months after. Pad Thai poutine? *Runs to Sparks Street*

They also have entertainment every single day of the festival, so you can jam out to local musicians while eating your delicious poutine. If you're vegetarian or gluten-free, each vendor will be different but most will accommodate to your needs. If you aren't a fan of poutine (why are you in Canada) most vendors will have other options to choose from as well.

PoutineFest is one festival in Ottawa you cannot miss. It's on for 4 days straight, which gives you no excuses! For more info on the festival, check out their website.

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