The RCMP wouldn't really be what they are without their loyal horses. That's why they're called the 'mounted police' after all. Recently, they asked young Canadians to suggest new RCMP horse names. Two of the winning entries honour the victims of the Nova Scotia shooting.

Nine foals were recently born at the RCMP's horse-breeding farm, and the only rule for name suggestions were that they should start with the letter 'S.'

A total of 5,300 entries were received, with 400 of those suggesting names related to the tragedy in Nova Scotia.

'Scotia,' submitted by Casey from Enfield, Nova Scotia, was chosen as one of the winning entries in honour of the residents and community in the affected province.

'SHeidi,' short for Super Heidi, was also selected in commemoration of Constable Heidi Stevenson, a 23-year RCMP veteran who was killed in the shooting. 

That name was submitted by Jade, from Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce, Quebec.

The other seven names chosen for the newborn foals were: Spring, Sosi, Star, Scout, Steele, Scarlet, and Sarge.

The winning names were submitted by kids from eight provinces and one territory.

Everyone who had their entry chosen for one of the new horses will receive a 2020 Musical Ride horseshoe, a picture of the horse they named, and a signed certificate from the Commissioner of the RCMP.

The RCMP said in a press release that it had originally considered postponing the contest due to the ongoing pandemic, but realized that it would be something fun for families to do together during this time.

Some of these newborn foals could grow up to be included in the Musical Ride, a display where officers ride their horses in formation to musical accompaniment.

The RCMP has been breeding its own horses at a farm in Pakenham, Ontario for over 80 years. They are considered to be the finest in Canada.

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