It's been a brutal winter for some parts of Canada but in other parts, seasonal activities haven't really had to chance to get into full gear yet. Now the ice in our nation's capital is ready for skaters and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Rideau Canal Skateway reopens some sections just in time for Ottawa's Winterlude festival. 

As of 8:00 a.m. on January 31, people are able to skate on two large sections of the infamous ice rink in Ottawa and the reopening coincides perfectly with the start of the annual winter festival.

People can glide along the fresh frozen surface between Waverly Street and Bank Street as well as Bronson Avenue and Hartwell Locks.

That's about 5.7 kilometres of ice ready to be enjoyed.

With the full length of the skateway being 7.8 kilometres, that's a pretty good portion to be open for people to get out on.

It's a good thing everything worked out weatherwise so that the canal could reopen since the Skateway is a prime destination during Winterlude.

"Our Rideau Canal Skateway team is pleased that the weather has changed in time for Winterlude," the National Capital Commission (NCC), the corporation that manages the Skateway, told Narcity. 

The ice trail hosts several events during the festival, which runs from January 31 to February 17, including the Timbits hockey zone, a shinny hockey day and the Winterlude Triathalon.

If you want to take part in Winterlude, there are so many different things to do during the week-long event on and off the ice.

You can watch an ice sculpture competition, zip line, munch on Beaver Tails, play giant a chess game and so much more.

A part of the canal's trail was first opened on January 18 but the NCC closed the entire length of the winter destination on January 25.

Even though large portions are now open, the NCC wants people to stay away from the closed sections and respect the barricades at access points.

It might look thick in closed off parts of the Skateway but snow, freezing rain or water on the surface can hide its thinness.

The NCC is continuing to work to open to remaining sections on the Rideau Canal but because it's weather dependent, there's no guarantee when the other parts will open or how long the newly reopened ones will remain skateable. 

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