After over 30 years of operating in Canada's capital city, the Rideau McDonald's is making major changes after police were called 800 times last year. In response to an investigation by CTV News in Ottawa, the McDonald's franchise has announced that they are changing their hours. 

Franchisee Adeel Hashmi told CTV that they will no longer operate as a 24-hour location, due to a large number of police incidents occurring there. Hashmi told CTV, "After careful consideration, starting today the restaurant’s operating hours will be 6 AM to 10 PM, every day. We will also be adding security when the restaurant is open."

The move comes after reports that Ottawa's Rideau street is a dangerous place to be and a hub for criminal activity, especially at night. Reportedly, police had to be called to that McDonald's location over 800 times in 2018 alone, for various incidents, though the nature of the calls isn't revealed. 

Even Ottawa's mayor confirmed that the Rideau McDonald's Location was becoming a major issue. In response to the latest news about the hours changing, Mayor Jim Watson said, "this is very good news. Far too many police resources were being spent in that restaurant and it was becoming a public safety concern." 

One of the most notorious and ridiculous incidents at this particular location occurred in 2014, when a fight broke out between a number of patrons at the McDonald's. Amid the punching and screaming, a man suddenly pulled a baby racoon out of his jacket. 

While that particular incident with the racoon went viral, with many people finding it truly hilarious, the fight points to a bigger issue at that McDonald's. On April 15th, CTV reported that the Ottawa Police called the Rideau McDonald's "a magnet for criminal activity" and that they had met with the owner of the location to discuss safety.

The new hours, from 6 AM to 10 PM are effective immediately. This McDonald's is located at 99 Rideau Street, in Ottawa, Ontario. Narcity has reached McDonald's Canada for a comment and will update this story as soon as they respond. 

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