Ever since Canada legalized marijuana back in October, airports have been struggling with the new dilemma of passengers accidentally forgetting they had weed on them. That's why the Ottawa Airport just introduced their own weed bins to dispose of cannabis. 

The disposal bins are mean to serve passengers heading to international destinations since it is illegal to take cannabis outside of Canada and you would be charged with drug trafficking or smuggling if you do. Regular legal cannabis users could find themselves forgetting that they had weed on them when they get to the airport. That's where the bins come in. 

Rather than take your chances that customs at your destination won't find weed on you, multiple airports in Canada have been installing weed bins for people to safely dispose of any cannabis they have on them before getting on their flight. Ottawa is now the latest airport in the country to do this, following the lead of other major cities like Edmonton, Halifax, and Toronto.  

Of course, this weed disposal thing is new to everybody, but some airports have had a bit of rough time when it came to installing their own cannabis disposal bins, especially in Toronto. 

While most airports opted to install a secured bin with a locked compartment when Toronto's Pearson introduced their bins, they were literally just bins. Photos that circulated online showed a sign instructing passengers to dispose of the cannabis into a designated garbage can that didn't even have a lid. 

It didn't take long for the bins to be named "free weed bins" by people on Reddit, who realized that Pearson's discarded marijuana was ripe for the taking for anyone who wanted it. The airport responded shortly after that saying the bins are regularly monitored and would be replaced with more permanent, sealed bins. 

Via jpan08 | Reddit

So far, Ottawa doesn't seem to have those same problems. In photos of their brand new weed disposal bins, the grey box looks more like a mailbox where you can only put stuff in and have to have a key to get anything out. The boxes also appear to be secured to the wall so no one can run off with them. 

The airport says the boxes will be emptied by police whenever they reach 30 grams, which is the legal amount anyone can possess or carry with them in Canada. It is unclear how airport authorities will know once the boxes have reached 30 grams. 

The airport confirmed they had the weed bins just this past Tuesday, but a Reddit user shared a photo of the bins in Ottawa a month ago.  As of Tuesday, Ottawa Police say they have not yet been called to dispose of any weed from them. 

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