A crazy heat wave is rolling across parts of Canada this week, just in time for Canada Day, bringing with it scorching temperatures that feel like 45 degrees

The heat is now threatening to ruin Ottawa's official Canada Day show completely. 

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The organizers, Canadian Heritage, are acknowledging that those crazy temperatures can be a serious risk to people's health and are looking at shortening the noon concert on Parliament Hill or even cancelling it all together. 

This isn't the first time adverse weather has affected the official bash. Last year's 150th party was hit with a torrential downpour and there were a lot of issues that organizers are trying to avoid this time around. 

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Cancelling it is an option of course, but organizers are hoping to avoid that and are looking at other options such as adding more free water stations in places like the security lines and on the hill itself. 

Right now the main to options on the table in regards to the noon show is to push it back an hour or to shorten it. Paramedics will also be on site to treat heat stroke, dehydration, and any other emergencies that come up. 

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Another important message organizers want people to remember is that alcohol is not hydrating and people need to make sure they drink lots of water. 

The concert is scheduled to feature The Arkells, DJ Shub, and more. 

Source: CBC 

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