A video on YouTube is going viral after Canadians realized that there's a crazy driver on the loose. He's not hitting pedestrians.... but he is purposely splashing them with huge puddles on water and it's pretty ridiculous. 

The YouTube video was posted on Reddit by @Wolfman_21 on Saturday. The video shows the driver of a white work van swerving through the streets of Ottawa splashing people on purpose. The whole thing is so bizarre! 

Via Saif Khan | Youtube.com

In the video, you can see that the driver of the van deliberately swerves into roadside puddles when he sees an innocent (and dry) pedestrians in his splash zone. He quickly rips over into the puddle and gives the unsuspecting Canadians a surprise. 

According to @Wolfman_21, the video was taken on King Edward Avenue after a thunderstorm on July 27th. 

Via Saif Khan | Youtube.com

Via Saif Khan | Youtube.com

In the video, you can see the work van initially begins driving and then after the first intersection, the driver suddenly swerves into a puddle and splashes two pedestrians crossing the street. 

A few blocks down, you can see the driver intentionally hitting puddles when he sees a pedestrian in a red shirt with an umbrella walking close by. Once again, he attempts to splash a third pedestrian at the end of the video, but the puddle didn't seem to be deep enough to splash the last person. 

Via Saif Khan | Youtube.com

In all seriousness, splashing Canadians on purpose is silly but can also be harmful. Redditors have already begun to report the incident after recognizing the company of the work van. 

To watch the full video, click here

UPDATE July 30th 9:14 PDT:
Black & McDonald Limited issued an apology
and stated that the individual responsible for the splashing is no longer employed by their company. 

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