You would think that living in one of the major cities in Canada would mean that you wouldn't need to deal with wildlife unless you went to a zoo. That is unless you count the squirrels or birds in your backyard as wildlife.

But every so often in Canada there is always some wild animal that just seems to wander into the city from god knows where and it causes complete and utter chaos for everyone it comes across.

Today that city is Ottawa. Yes Ottawa. The capital city of this country we call home is under attack from wait for it… A wild turkey. Nature's most deadliest of creatures.  

This morning a wild turkey walked into an intersection in downtown Ottawa and just caused a panic for everyone trying to go about their day.

As you can see from the photos in the tweets this bird just acted like it owned the place.  

Some people don’t seem to be too surprised that the bird found its way downtown, joking that Ottawa isn’t so much a city, as just a really a town with a large population.  

Others seem really concerned with the overall safety of the bird, obviously, this is very funny but no one wants to see the thing injured in some way.  

How this turkey managed to find its way into such a populated area is anyone’s guess but it is always unusual to be reminded that It does not appear that the bird has been apprehended as of the time of writing.  

Run free turkey.

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