Us Ottawans are always so excited when something new opens. It doesn't happen a lot, but when it does, the outcome is always amazing. From new restaurants to new cafes, we take it all with open arms. However, when was the last time a cool and unique bar opened in Ottawa? I'll wait. 

Well, that changed this past weekend when Charlotte opened in Ottawa. Charlotte is a brand new bar that is tropical themed with a modern twist, and it's stunning. If you feel like Ottawa is behind on the trends, head over to Charlotte and you'll be proved wrong. 

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Charlotte is unique to Ottawa, especially since most of our bars are not classy and you don't even remember what the decor looks like because it's so crowded and well, dark in there. At Charlotte, the decor is definitely the selling point, but you'll want to stay for so many more reasons. 

They serve cocktails, beer, wine, and of course, snacks. I would describe this bar as more of a lounge, because it's a great place to get together with your BFFs and catch up over drinks. Plus, the Instagram pics that will come from it will be unreal. 

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Charlotte is a 21+ bar which also gives it a nice touch. It's located at 350 Elgin Street and is open Tuesday - Saturday. If you're sick of the normal bars in Ottawa and want something different, Charlotte is where you need to be. I mean, even the name is classy. For more information and updates, click here

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