The blame game is on. Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer's parties didn't agree on a bill to help people with disabilities and the Prime Minister is blaming the Conservatives. He had a lot to say about this.

On June 11, Trudeau discussed at length what happened the day earlier in the House of Commons when the Liberals put forward legislation.

"It was disappointing to see what happened yesterday in the House. We've put forward proposals to help Canadians living with disabilities who are facing extra costs right now," he said.

However, he called out the Conservatives in particular for "playing politics" rather than getting a $600 payment out to people with disabilities.

Along with that money, there were other parts of the bill like changing the CERB from four week periods to two week periods to give flexibility and expanding the wage subsidy.

"We even separated the element that was helping people with disabilities from all the other legislation," Trudeau said.

He noted that the bill not passing is deeply disappointing.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that it's not just that the bill wasn't passed, it's that there was no debate around it.

"Politics got in the way of actually helping Canadians," he said.

According to Trudeau, a return to normal Parliament was put forward so that there could be a debate and then a vote on the legislation.

He believes that was prevented because of political bias from the opposition, not the substance of what was proposed.

With a minority government, the Liberals can't just pass something on their own, other parties need to be in agreement.

"Parliament decided that we would continue with this hybrid process," Trudeau said. "The Conservatives disagreed but the decision of parliament was to move forward with this COVID-19 committee approach."

The Liberals had also put forward legislation to penalize deliberate CERB fraudsters but it didn't get support from other parties.

Andrew Scheer's Conservatives asked for Parliament to resume fully for their support of the bill.

Trudeau said that there was a debate weeks earlier on staying with the hybrid, pandemic focused model or returning to normal Parliament.

Based on a vote, the hybrid model won and will stay in place until the end of June.

The Liberal leader said that the Conservatives "didn't get their way" with that vote.

"So, because they didn't get their way two weeks ago, they continue to complain and play politics and they blocked help to Canadians with disabilities," he said.

Trudeau also mentioned that his party is open to moving forward on the issue of Parliament in a number of different ways.

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