Talk about dangerous driving! An Ottawa youth just got in serious trouble with Sûreté du Québec officers, after he was caught speeding on the highway with eight passengers in his five-seater car. Worse still, two of the passengers were found in the trunk.

At around 5pm on June 27, police in Quebec received a call about a speeding vehicle that was suspected of having too many passengers inside.

Sûreté du Québec officers responded to the call, and stopped the car near the Saint-Joseph exit on Highway 5. It was travelling at 150 km/h in a 100 km/h zone.

Upon stopping the vehicle, officers found six people to be inside the five-seater car.

Shortly after, police discovered another two passengers, both of whom were hidden in the trunk.

It turned out to be an expensive trip out for the driver, who was fined $1,543.

He also received 17 demerit points on his driving record for speeding, having too many passengers in the vehicle, and for having people in his trunk.

The two men in the trunk of the car also got slapped with hefty fines, for being seated in the body of a moving vehicle. They each received a $958 ticket.

According to police, per the Ottawa Citizen, the youth claimed he had been searching for his friends in the Chelsea area of Quebec.

This isn't the first time Ottawa youths have been caught driving seriously dangerously.

Back in May, two teens were caught driving at 308km/h on the Queen Elizabeth Way, the equivalent speed to 85 metres per second or 280 feet per second.

The police officer who caught the dangerous duo said they were driving so fast he thought he’d scanned a plane with the speed radar! The youths were later found to have been driving in their dad’s car.

Dangerous driving in Ottawa is becoming increasingly common, with police issuing a whopping 822 driving tickets in just 25 days earlier this year.

The City's Mayor had some choice words for dangerous drivers at the time, “With fewer cars on the road and the roads opening up, these stunt, or stupid drivers, are taking advantage of that."

"I’d encourage you to continue to put resources into the stunt driving and excessive speed,” he told local police.

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