Could Pamela Anderson convince Trudeau to try a plant-based diet? In an open letter to the prime minister, Pamela Anderson urged Trudeau to go vegan, telling him that “nothing is sexier than compassion." The Baywatch star also promised to be his vegan mentor, should he decide to go meat-free.

On June 29, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) shared an open letter from Pamela Anderson, addressed to the prime minister.

The Canadian-American model, who is also an animal rights activist and a vegan, praised the PM for his recent $95 million investment into plant-based food in Canada, and urged him to consider a meat-free lifestyle.

In fact, she even offered to be his vegan "mentor!”

“Sensuality includes being engaged in the world and caring about others' feelings,” Anderson wrote. “Nothing is sexier than compassion.”

“Your recent decision to invest $100 million in our mushrooming plant-based industries fits that description—and that puts Canada on top when it comes to promoting a humane and healthy diet,” the actress added.

Anderson went on to say she’d be “honored” to be Trudeau’s personal vegan mentor, should he decide to drop meat and dairy from his diet.

Anderson also promised she’d be happy to “suggest some of the tasty, diverse vegan foods proudly produced in Canada.”

The actress has been vocal about animal rights and environmental issues in Canada for several years, calling for an end to chuckwagon racing at Calgary Stampede, and urging Canada’s prisons to go vegan.

She also called out the Toronto International Film Festival last year, condemning the event for its ties to Canada Goose.

Anderson’s letter comes just days after Justin Trudeau promised to invest nearly $100 million into Canada’s plant-based food industry.

Announcing the investment on June 22, the PM explained, “As people around the world start eating more plant-based products, we have an opportunity to bring together Canadian innovation and Canadian crops, and a chance to create good, well-paying jobs.”

The cash will go to Merit Functional Foods, a Canadian company that specializes in plant-based proteins.

Plant-based food and drinks are becoming more widely available across Canada.

Earlier this month, Tim Hortons officially added almond milk to their menu, while Starbucks Canada made a similar move a few months prior.

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