It's Easter Weekend, one of the biggest weekends for Christians around the world. Every year, on Easter Sunday, which is tomorrow, Christians celebrate the resurrection but what's meant to be a joyous occasion is looking different in France as Paris prepares for Easter Sunday after Notre Dame's devastating fire

The fire, which caused significant damage to the 500-year-old cathedral, started on April 15. While most of the fire was put out then, firefighters worked all week long and only announced today, April 20, that they had finally cooled all the hotspots and were able to leave Notre Dame. 

Now that their work is done, and the building is unusable, it leaves a lot of questions for Notre Dame. The first, of course, is what to do about Holy Week and Easter Sunday. Fortunately, other churches in Paris have been quick to help out. 

Notre Dame's Holy Week services, including Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, were able to be held at St. Sulpice, a nearby church that's almost as big as Notre Dame. 

As for tomorrow, Notre Dame's Easter service, that will now be held St. Eustache, another massive church in Paris that is not far from Notre Dame. 

While making new plans for Holy Week has been the easy part, figuring out how to emotionally move on after the fire is the hard part. 

The Associated Press reports that tourists who had flocked to Paris to attend Holy Week at Notre Dame are now mourning the cathedral and their missed opportunity to attend worship there. 

As one tourist from Kansas City told them, "We didn’t get here in time to see it. And now we probably never will."

Now that the fire is completely out and under control, they turn to talks of rebuilding. Since the fire, both the Archbishop of Paris, Michel Aupetit and French President Emmanuel Macron have publicly announced that Notre Dame will be rebuilt, but that's a process that is likely going to take several years. 

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