It looks like spring has finally sprung! It's been so nice in BC and Alberta that both provinces have broken temperature records for warm weather this month. Nice weather has been embraced all over western Canada and it looks like these record-breaking warm temperatures could mean that spring, and all the wonderful things that come along with it is right around the corner.  

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According to The Weather Network, warm temperatures have been making their way across parts of western Canada this month. Many cities have already broken temperature records and there are no signs of it stopping anytime soon. 

Despite the cold and rather long winter we had in BC and Alberta, it is coming to an end. Last month, The Weather Network predicted that we could be seeing spring-like temperatures at the beginning of March. While it was questionable for a while, especially considering Vancouver got a last-minute dump of snow, spring is here and in full force. 

The second half of the month is looking promising and bringing with it a drastic change in weather. "A strong upper ridge that's in place across western Canada is spilling warmth across the region for much of this week," says Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton. "An offshore flow will allow temperatures to reach 20°C for the first time in Canada so far this year.”

You read that right, 20° weather for the first time this year! Time to do a little happy dance as it is only going up from here. 

Record temperatures of 20° or above have already broken out in parts of southern BC and Alberta over the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, a mix of warm air and sunshine sent the Squamish area a new record high of 21.3°. This beats the previous record of 18° set in 1983. 

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This warm temperature trend isn’t ending there. According to The Weather Network, highs of 20° will be found in Fraser Valley including Chilliwack, Langley, and Abbotsford. The Weather Network is predicting that in these areas an all-time record-breaking period could be set. 

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Don’t worry, Alberta, you are also included in this warm weather. After having some questionably cold temperatures this winter, where pipes even froze from the cold weather, warmer times are here. 

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The Weather Network is predicting that 20° weather will extend across southern Alberta and into southwestern Saskatchewan this week. They have also stated that Calgary could be setting some new daily temperature records. 

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These seasonably high temperatures are expected to remain in BC, Alberta, and parts of Saskatchewan for the rest of the week. Milder spring patterns will continue to take over next week, but hey, it’s not snow! 

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