Points programs are great, right? You buy stuff you would need to buy no matter what like food or gas and then down the line you get free things. Whoever came up with the idea for that is a genius!  

The PC Optimum program is one of these that allows people to shop at places like Shoppers Drugmart and Loblaws and eventually Esso, in exchange for points that can be redeemed for free purchases.  

But some PC Optimum members aren't having that kind of experience at all.  

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While they are buying things and using their points card, when they go to redeem the points they find out that they've all disappeared mysteriously.    

For instance one woman from Saskatchewan says that she had over $1000 worth of points stolen and used at a store in Quebec.  

And she's not the only one, other people have also said that they're points have been stolen and most of them have been traced to stores in Quebec as well.  

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Not all of them though, there's also been stolen points used at stores in Mississauga as well.

So it seems unlikely this is the work of one criminal mastermind.  

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Of course the really bad news since ii means more than one person has figured out how to hack into the accounts of PC Optimum members and just steal their hard earned points. 

Loblaws suggests that if you're a member of PC Optimum and want to protect yourself that you create a strong unique password for your account.  

Source: CBC

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