Double-check your peaches, Canada! The Public Health Agency of Canada has provided an update on the peach recall in Canada, and an additional 15 illnesses have been reported in the ongoing investigation.

On August 22, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued an imported peach recall, following a salmonella outbreak in the U.S.

Now, an increasing number of Canadians appear to be getting sick.



Confirmed cases of salmonella in Canada 

Affected products include peaches from the Prima Wawona brand, located in Fresno, California.

"Do not eat, use, sell or serve any recalled peaches from Prima Wawona from the United States, or any products made with these peaches," warns the government agency.

The agency reminds Canadians that food contaminated with salmonella may not look or smell bad, but it can still make you seriously ill. 

Peaches grown in Canada are not believed to be associated with the outbreak.

Via Public Health Agency of Canada
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