"Tossing hams" probably isn't a phrase that comes up a lot in casual conversations. Still, one PEI farmer is hurling pork to people in order to keep his distance and run his business. He's even made some good trades for his product.

Ranald MacFarlane had to find a way to sell his wares after his local farmers' market shut down due to public health concerns. He discovered that throwing his products to the customers seemed to be the easiest method of delivery.

"When you start throwing roasts and pork chops through car windows, your aim gets better and better," the farmer told CBC.

"But some people just don't trust me," he continued. "They get out of the car and we have a chit-chat — from over [four metres away] — and I just throw the stuff and they catch it."

MacFarlane has documented some of his exchanges with customers on his Twitter account @PleasantPork.

He's shared videos of him tossing pork to people and taking their cash from a distance, which forces people to get a little creative in the process.

Sometimes that means he gets paid by an old Tim Hortons cup taped to a hockey stick. Now, what's more Canadian than that?

The ham hurler also shared a transaction where a customer tossed him $80 stuffed into a toilet paper roll, which of course, was also wrapped in plastic.

"...$80 in a roll of TP....he’s my new fave customer..." MacFarlane tweeted.

The farmer has also shared some of the trades he's made for his product like bartering a bag of cat food for bacon. And in classic P.E.I. fashion, a giant mound of potatoes for some hot dogs and sausages.

The socially distanced seller doesn't just operate on a barter or cash system, though. He also accepts e-transfers from his customers, who call ahead with their orders.

Like any other business, MacFarlane was forced to find a new way to keep the money coming in during this time, even if that means flinging meat at customers.

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