It wouldn't be government without a few conspiracy theories out there. The latest one is that people actually think President Donald Trump is using a fake Melania body double. This is the first time this theory has come up but now these photos have resurrected the theory in the best way ever. 

In the latest photo, Donald Trump and someone who may or may not be his wife Melania landed in Alabama yesterday in order to visit people who were devastated by deadly tornados just last week. That's not what people are focusing on though. Instead, Twitter is erupting with the conspiracy that the Melania on the trip is actually a body double, so much so that #FakeMelania is trending on Twitter, even here in Canada. 

The theory is based on a number of factors, like in one picture people think Melania looks several inches shorter than normal, even shorter than her son Barron. Then there is her face shape, which some people think looks all wrong. The final nail in the coffin is that in the pictures Donald Trump and Melania are actually holding hands, which in the past Melania has rejected these public displays of affection. 

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Now, Twitter is taking the #FakeMelania jokes and running with them. 

First off, there are people sharing why they think the conspiracy is true. Here's some of the so-called evidence they have. 

Then come the parody pictures. 

Finally, there are all the jokes about the whole situation, for example some people are joking that Melania hired the double herself and President Trump doesn't even know. 

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Whether or not this conspiracy is real, it's giving Americans and even us Canadians something to laugh about this weekend. 

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